Want to Improve Employee Tenure? Here’s Why You Need Great Company Culture First.

by Risa Hartsough on December 7, 2023 in Company Culture



Turnover is bad for business—that should come as no surprise. Each time an employee leaves your firm, your company can expect to face:

· High recruiting, onboarding, and training costs

· Reduced morale and engagement

· Increased errors and decreased productivity

It’s no surprise that employers now rank employee retention as their top operational priority.

But mastering the art of retention isn’t just about avoiding the negative effects of turnover. Long-tenured employees can have a significantly positive impact on your financial performance and operational excellence. And they maintain strong, productive, and valuable relationships with clients and team members for years.

At Concero, we’ve experienced the benefits of long tenures firsthand. Explore the infographic below to learn how we’ve achieved industry-leading retention—and how our impressive employee tenure has allowed us to deliver better hiring results for clients and candidates across searches.


The Secret to Our Employee Tenure Success

So, how did we convince 55% of our employees to stay for over five years? Our culture is our secret sauce.

In 2012, we pioneered the “people-powered approach” to culture and recruitment. Our unique approach has given each of our team members a sense of purpose and a place where they feel valued every day. We’re staunch believers that a human-centric culture makes people excited to work–and that excitement can continue throughout their tenure with a sturdy foundation and strong initiatives in place.

Our new eBook—The Company Culture Playbook: How to Elevate Outcomes with a People-Powered Approach—provides the actionable insights you need to leverage culture and transform retention at your own firm.

Achieve outstanding employee tenure. Download the Company Culture Playbook today.

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