Recruiters on the Record: Kathryn Petruska

by Risa Hartsough on December 7, 2023 in Company Culture



Welcome to our new Recruiters on the Record series, where we shine a spotlight on some of Concero’s most dynamic recruiter success stories.

In our inaugural edition, we’re thrilled to introduce Kathryn Petruska, a rising star in the world of technical recruitment at Concero. We think Kathryn’s journey is the perfect place to start—we’d be hard-pressed to think of someone who embodies our people-powered approach so perfectly at such a young age.

Kathryn’s recruiting story is one of ambition, skill, and finding the ideal work environment. It highlights how a supportive and progressive workplace can catapult a promising talent onto the path of success. In fact, we think her experience is a case study in the effectiveness of nurturing potential and the importance of a people-centric approach in the modern workplace.

Kathryn’s Process: Where Connection and Strategy Meet

Like many of our finest Conceroans, Kathryn’s day starts early. She starts each morning right, with meaningful interactions and strategic decision-making. As she sifts through potential candidates, her focus isn’t just on the skills each person brings to the table but also on their career aspirations, personal stories, and the potential for growth. It’s a delicate balance between understanding the needs of clients and the aspirations of job seekers.

Her process is a testament to Concero’s people-powered approach. Every candidate is more than a resume—they are individuals with unique stories, aspirations, and potential, all of which need nurturing. Kathryn’s tactics transcend the traditional boundaries of recruitment as she becomes a career guide, a mentor, and a trusted confidante. Her interactions with candidates involve deep dives into their professional history, understanding their future goals, and aligning them with opportunities that position them for long-term satisfaction and growth.

Concero’s Culture: A Proving Ground for Good Humans

What truly sets Kathryn apart is her unabashed love for her workplace. Concero is more than an employer for her. It’s a community, an institution of learning, and a space that exemplifies the values she holds dear. The company’s culture, marked by a high rate of employee referrals and low turnover, is a testament to its positive and supportive work environment. This culture is not by chance but by design, reflecting Concero’s commitment to creating a workspace that values and fosters growth, collaboration, and mutual respect.

A Personal Journey: Beyond Recruitment

Kathryn’s journey of self-discovery and personal growth inspires everyone around her. She joined Concero right out of college and found herself in an environment that was as challenging as it was

nurturing, where every hard-fought success was celebrated. Her quick progression is a source of pride, not just for her but for her team who witnessed her evolution from fresh graduate to Concero A-player.

Her approach to recruitment is deeply personal. Kathryn goes beyond the typical recruiter-candidate relationship, considering the holistic well-being of her candidates. This includes understanding their family dynamics, their need for work-life balance, and their long-term career aspirations. It’s this holistic approach that endears her to candidates and clients alike, solidifying her role as a trusted partner in their professional journey.

Watch Kathryn answer “What career advice would you give someone looking for a job?” on LinkedIn and be sure to connect with us there.


Good Culture = Great Recruiters

Kathryn’s narrative illustrates the impact a dedicated, empathetic recruiter can have on the lives of individuals and the success of clients. Her journey at Concero, guided by a people-first approach, is a powerful reminder of the importance of culture, empathy, and personal connection in the world of recruitment.

For those inspired by Kathryn’s insights—and the people-powered workplace that inspired them—we invite you to download “The Company Culture Playbook.” This resource is a treasure trove of insights and strategies for building a workplace that values people as its greatest asset. Join us on this transformative journey and discover how to create an environment where individuals thrive and businesses flourish. Let’s build a better workplace, together.

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