Top 10 Reasons Why Concero Makes Interviewing Fun

by Jay Murchison on December 12, 2018 in Concero, Professional Development



After experiencing consecutive years of growth, Concero, a recruiting firm leader in St. Louis, expanded to a new location. After months of planning, the company relocated to a more spacious office to create a dynamic and inviting environment for both its team and consultants.

A core belief of Concero is that interviewing should be more than figuring out if “a person is a good fit,” rather the outcome should focus on authentic and memorable connections. So, this led the company to ask — how can the interview experience be improved?

“We think there are some fundamental flaws in the recruiting business, specifically, that there’s too much focus on formal interviews, stilted questions and fake interactions. All of this makes it hard to get to know the ‘real’ person,” says Jay Murchison, president of Concero.

“Ultimately, we wanted to provide something different that changes the hiring landscape for people and businesses in IT and engineering in St. Louis,” explains Murchison.

Many talented people in IT, engineering, and finance and accounting are frequently contacted by recruiters, but not everyone is skilled at active and engaged listening. Concero’s belief is that much of the challenge of being a good listener is a result of the places and spaces where these conversations are happening.

Ben Kandlebinder, chief development officer, explains, “As we were building our new office, instead of putting in the standard features, we decided to focus on how we can create an atmosphere that encourages genuine interactions. What we’ve created is totally unique to our industry and the Greater St. Louis area.”

Why is it more fun to work with Concero:

  1. Comfy interview spaces — no 8×8 boxes with bad artwork. Instead, people have the choice of booths in an open area or private spaces that can be reserved.
  2. No cold sterile, conference rooms — the Concero team can hold meetings in a more comfortable “living room”… complete with couches and lamps.
  3. Actual privacy — we love our team, but sometimes we can use a little peace and quiet if we need to talk to our consultants about something sensitive.
  4. Kaldi’s coffee — ON TAP!
  5. A variety of beverages and snacks — so. many. snacks.
  6. Our own Concero bar — we can host  events and meetings for candidates and clients alike, complete with a bar for adult beverages with local brews on tap.
  7. Fancy technology — Sonos speakers and TVs for entertainment, as well as plug and play technology that allows for easy presentation capabilities on large screen displays.
  8. Smiles — we like our teammates and helping people.
  9. Cause it is!
  10. Did we say snacks?

“Internally, we already have a culture that is energetic, fun and full of camaraderie. We regularly get feedback from our candidates about how they can tell that Concero team members enjoy going to work and being around their colleagues,” says Ruzicka.

There are also other features that aren’t typically found in office environments, such as the shuffleboard table and scenic wall art of ocean waves or forests. The overall décor is modern and bold, but inviting – much like the company itself.

“This office is a visual representation of how much we care about the people we work with – our own employees, of course, but it’s also about those who trust us with their careers and livelihoods,” says Murchison.

“At the end of the day, we want our consultants to have the best experience when working with us and that starts with creating a welcoming and fun environment from the minute they step in the door.”

Check out the gallery below to see photos of Concero’s new office.

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