How to Succeed as an IT Project Manager

by Blair Turley on June 25, 2018 in Concero, IT


When companies are upgrading technology or implementing new systems, they need someone who can create a plan, execute it, and handle incidents as they happen. An IT project manager is someone who works with the IT team and business stakeholders to ensure that IT initiatives will be a success.

Why an IT Project Manager is Beneficial

IT project managers provide a very valuable role by promoting collaboration and being a champion of forward thinking. Most importantly, they take on the challenge of mitigating problems before or as they occur — with a positive, helpful attitude. With a project manager in place, a company is more likely to see plans reach completion in a more efficient manner.

Project managers can also help to reduce risk. This is because they have a specific focus to look at the “big picture” of a project or plan and identify problems that could occur. They are also in charge of keeping the project on track, as far as meeting milestones and deadlines, while managing problems that may arise.

Without an IT project manager, if something goes awry, risk factors are increased because someone has to both move the project forward, while also fix issues. Conversely, with a great IT project manager on the job, the whole team will be working within the parameters of a plan that has already been assessed for risk. The secondary options are ready to be put into place, if that is needed.

This is especially relevant if the company deals with regulatory compliance in any capacity. Private information, used in industries like banking and healthcare, must be heavily protected from risk every step of the way, and an IT project manager will build that into the plans from the very start.

Hallmarks of a Good IT Project Manager

Good Communicator
The ideal project manager typically requires experience unless filling an entry-level position. Communication skills are extremely important, specifically the ability to clearly update and respond to the business stakeholders, who in-turn, must be able to trust and rely on the IT project manager to appropriately implement feedback.

Detailed Oriented
Being a project manager is ideal for people who are detailed minded and conscientious. These traits are useful for the type of comprehensive documentation and tracking that is typically required for IT projects.

This position requires someone who is able to handle multiple deadlines and lots of input, while still being personable and friendly. Knowing when, where, and how to talk to colleagues or vendors to get intended results is also imperative. Some of the most desirable qualities in an IT project manager are confidence in his/her work, understanding of the project, and a likable personality.

Comfortable with Technology
An IT project manager must possess a good understanding of what is achievable by the technical team and to create realistic and manageable plans. Being open to new ideas or feedback from the IT team is important in meeting goals. Experience with Microsoft Project, JIRA or similar applications is useful for keeping track of a project’s progress. Mastering programs like this is vital to make sure everyone is on the right path and for finding potential problem areas before they cause insurmountable issues.

“A PMP certification is always helpful to have for your career, as it can boost your attractiveness as a candidate and will add to your overall skills and knowledge,” says Amy Drozda, senior client relationship executive. “However, we have found that experience, technical knowledge and the right personality will make the bigger difference during the hiring process.”

How Concero Helps

For project managers looking for a new position, Concero helps by getting an understanding of their experience and aligning that with what a company is looking to accomplish. Project management has a lot to do with matching personality and company culture, and that’s what we do best.

IT project managers can rest assured that we will find a place where they can achieve their dreams and improve their skills; and for companies seeking project management, our expert candidates will add energy, passion, and focus to any company’s strategy.

Whether you are an IT professional wanting to launch your career to new heights or a company in need of top tech talent, we are here to help. Let’s talk. Contact us today.



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