Powering IT Talent: How Concero Supercharged a Workforce Strategy

by Blair Turley on June 6, 2023 in Case Study, Concero, IT



In today’s competitive business landscape, securing the right IT talent is critical for organizational success. A leading hospitality services provider recognized this challenge and sought a reliable staffing partner capable of effectively addressing their unique IT workforce needs. As we’ll discover, the partnership between the company and Concero would become fruitful, thanks to the hustle and dedication of a few good Conceroans.

Let’s dive in and learn more about the key factors that led to the successful partnership—a collaboration that persists to this day.

The Challenge: Sourcing IT Talent Amidst Complexity

Like many companies, the hospitality firm faced a formidable task in filling a wide range of IT positions, each with distinct requirements. The company needed a staffing partner that could provide consistent results, swiftly source candidates, and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of their specific, ongoing needs.

While this may sound like table stakes in the field of IT staffing, the truth is that many firms bombard their clients with stacks of resumes that merely look good on paper—and even if a good match is found, support tends to stop after the placement is made.

The Solution: Concero’s Commitment, Stability, & Dedication

Concero emerged as the ideal partner, delivering on its commitment to provide dependable IT talent for both permanent hires and contract work. The staffing firm’s adaptability, responsiveness, and consistent follow-through distinguished it from other agencies in the industry.

A key contributor to Concero’s success was the stability of its team. Low turnover among recruiters helped maintain expertise and facilitated access to a diverse pool of candidates. The hospitality provider’s CIO noted that this consistency enabled Concero to cover a broad spectrum of IT positions, ensuring relevance to the service provider’s requirements.

“Concero offered us a full range of IT positions to shore up our security infrastructure,” he said. “I’ve worked with agencies that had a great handle on help desk roles, but not necessarily on developer positions—and vice versa. You always hit a dead end with firms like these. But the Concero team has always delivered on the roles we needed.”

Concero’s dedication to going above and beyond also played a significant role in the partnership’s success. When the client urgently needed a Linux admin within 48 hours, Concero came through. Despite the near-impossible timeline, Keith Quigley—recruiter contact for the account—and the rest of the Concero crew managed to find a suitable candidate, exemplifying their unwavering commitment to meeting client needs.

“There might have been some luck involved, but I feel that Concero’s hustle made that placement happen,” the CIO said. “I appreciate the fact they even entertained a request with such a high degree of difficulty.”

The Outcome: Consistency, Trust, and a Lasting Partnership

The result of this strategic partnership has been a strong alliance built on trust, consistency, and shared goals—a partnership that endures to this day. According to the CIO, Concero would be among the first calls he would make for any critical hires, a testament to the staffing firm’s reliability. But, interestingly enough, there are certain topics he never has to discuss with Jay Murchison, President and CEO of Concero.

“Some staffing firms will call you to a meeting to talk about what more they can do for you,” he explained. “When I call Jay at Concero, we never talk about that. The team is delivering so much already that the subject never comes up.”

The collaboration between Concero and the hospitality services provider offers valuable insights for companies seeking a successful IT talent acquisition strategy. By focusing on understanding client needs, retaining skilled recruiters, and exhibiting a strong commitment to delivering results, Concero has positioned itself as an indispensable partner for the firm. When choosing a staffing partner for your next IT talent search, make sure the potential is there for a long-term, value-driven relationship in the competitive landscape of tech talent acquisition.

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