Software Engineer Jobs in Dallas

Software Engineer:


Concero has software engineer jobs for talented Dallasites looking to lead the design and creation of groundbreaking software. If you relish opportunities to transform complex scientific datasets into accessible, impactful tools for research and innovation, chances are we’ve got a spot for you! Do you live in Dallas, Texas? Are you willing to relocate there? If so, we can put your passion for software development to work for our dynamic clients in the state’s hottest up-and-coming tech hub.


Who We Are Looking For:

The ideal candidate will, of course, have a deep passion for software engineering, with at least seven years of experience in the field. Your expertise in developing software that handles complex scientific data will help clients achieve their mission of making significant strides in scientific research and implementation.


Your Role and Responsibilities:

  • Software Design and Development: Take the lead in designing and creating innovative software solutions that simplify and transform complex scientific datasets, making them more accessible and usable.
  • Cloud-based Infrastructure: Build and maintain robust cloud-based infrastructure using major cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Containerized Applications: Utilize platforms like Kubernetes to create and maintain containerized application deployments, ensuring scalability and reliability.
  • Data Management: Apply your strong understanding of relational and NoSQL data models to manage and optimize data storage and retrieval processes effectively.
  • Distributed Systems Architecture: Develop and architect distributed software systems, incorporating message queues, scalable compute and storage, and other essential components.
  • API Development: Build and maintain data-intensive APIs, leveraging gRPC, protocol buffers, and RESTful approaches to ensure efficient data exchange.
  • Unit Testing: Demonstrate a high level of comfort with Unit Testing and its methodologies to ensure the reliability and quality of software products.


What You Bring to the Table:

  • Proficiency in at least one general-purpose programming language (e.g., Go, Java, C#, Python, backend TypeScript).
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform, Google Kubernetes Engine, or Kubernetes.
  • A proven track record in working with scientific datasets or a background that combines quantitative science with real-world business applications.
  • Exposure to scientific programming languages such as R, Python, or Julia will be especially useful in these roles.


What We Offer:

  • A challenging and rewarding role in dynamic and innovative environments.
  • The opportunity to work with complex scientific datasets and contribute to significant scientific advancements.
  • Collaborative team cultures that value creativity, innovation, and diversity.
  • Continuous learning and development opportunities to further your expertise and career in software engineering.

The tech scene in Dallas is on the rise—this could be your chance to be part of it. If you are driven by the challenge of transforming complex scientific data into actionable insights and have a strong foundation in software engineering and cloud technologies, we invite you to apply! Join Concero in the quest to advance scientific research and innovation through exceptional software solutions.



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