Are You Laying Off Workers? Soften Their Landing with Outplacement Services

by Blair Turley on February 20, 2023 in Concero, IT



The job market is having some major growing pains at the moment (to say the least). The tech industry in particular seems to be facing the worst of it, with industry giants like Amazon, Google, and Spotify announcing major cuts. Other industries appear to be booming, which muddies the overall employment picture, but does offer a sign of hope.

If you find yourself laying off employees, you have an opportunity to provide a hopeful light at the end of the tunnel. When companies go through large layoffs, they often put employees in contact with staffing firms to help find the next opportunity. This is called outplacement and is frequently offered in addition to severance packages.

For many employers (and even some staffing firms), outplacement services can seem like an afterthought. But even if layoffs have become necessary at your organization, you can still minimize any negative impact to you and your former employees by providing a stable runway to future opportunity. Let’s look at some of the biggest reasons why outplacement services should never be overlooked.

Company Reputation

Sometimes a robust severance package isn’t enough to maintain your company’s positive image. Providing your employees with the softest landing possible after letting them go can help protect your reputation—in some cases, it even leads to boomerang employment, where former employees in good standing return to your workforce when financial outlooks improve.

By offering outplacement services, you empower your former employees at a moment when they likely feel helpless. Granting access to resources like resume coaching, interview prep, and networking advice can generate long-lasting goodwill—even simple positive reinforcement can make a difference. Outplacement services go beyond the transactional and ensure a genuine human connection that can change someone’s professional life for the better.

Mitigation of Risk

The risk of legal action typically affects larger companies that lay off too many workers too quickly, which in turn adversely impacts a wide array of people within the employee pool. Your business might never approach mass layoffs of this size, but even so, you should do all you can to avoid disgruntled former employees. By ensuring outplacement services are as pleasant and effective as possible, employers stand to prevent unnecessary confrontations or lawsuits down the line.

Boosting Employee Morale

Losing a job is one of life’s worst sources of stress, which can manifest in ways you might not expect, including cardiovascular disease, increased risk of diabetes, and adverse effects on mental health. It’s a looming threat few people want to acknowledge. Clear communication is key when partnering with an outplacement expert. If employees know that reputable outplacement services are readily available, some may find peace of mind in knowing there’s a reliable safety net in place if times get tough.

Reducing Unemployment Costs

The math here is pretty simple: the faster your former employees find new jobs, the sooner unemployment benefits can cease. In fact, businesses that reduce their number of claims per year may be eligible for lower unemployment insurance rates. Choosing a recruitment firm with a solid track record of fast placements can help you expertly manage your costs in the long run.

Outplacement is an often-overlooked practice that can help preserve your company’s image (and your former employees’ well-being). Make sure any recruitment firm you partner with has robust outplacement solutions in place—it could mean the difference in protecting your company’s reputation. A reputable staffing firm like Concero will take the time to engage with your former employees to learn about what motivates them, ultimately ensuring their next place of employment suits their needs well into the future.

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