Meet Our Conceroans

Madeleine Kusmitch

Executive Assistant


Phone: 314-748-1048


Has worked at Concero for:

5 years 9 months 7 days


I’m originally from…

  • St. Charles, MO

What I do at Concero:

  • I’m a highly dedicated Executive Assistant to Jay Murchison, President & CEO of Concero. My current day-to-day consists of a wide variety of duties, some of which include running reports, marketing, event coordination, vendor management, and office management. I’ve been a Conceroan for close to five years and have received three promotions—Support Specialist, Support Team Lead, and Executive Assistant. While I was on Concero’s Support Team, my responsibilities included the onboarding of new employees, clients, and vendors, as well as payroll, accounts payables/receivables, and benefits maintenance (health insurance, 401(k), and HSA).

Outside of work, I…

  • Enjoy DIY projects, spending time with my family, going to concerts, shopping, being a dog mom, walking in the park, and hiking.

Bet you didn’t know…

  • I not only won a pizza eating contest on National Pie Day, but I also ate my pizza in exactly 3.14 minutes.

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