Recruiters on the Record: Justin Buchheit

by Concero on January 24, 2024 in Company Culture, Concero



Welcome back to Recruiters on the Record, our blog series that shines a spotlight on some of Concero’s most dynamic recruiter success stories. We always talk about our drive to hire good humans—this series stands as proof that we’ve found more than a few.

This month, we’re excited to introduce Justin Buchheit, a recruiter who’s quickly making a name for himself with his unique blend of professionalism and personal charm. Known among his peers as the ‘glue guy’ for his unique ability to connect with everyone, Justin’s journey in recruitment is a story of passion, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.

We pride ourselves on our people-powered approach to recruiting. Justin has adopted this ethos from day one, as evidenced by his unwavering dedication to both candidates and clients. His approach is a blend of caring, commitment, and a deep understanding of the nuances of recruitment. Without further ado, let’s get to know Justin a little better.

Justin’s Approach to Recruitment: It’s All About Connection

Justin’s daily routine is a masterclass in efficiency and personal connection. His focus is on gleaning the needs and aspirations of his candidates in a short amount of time, ensuring that each one feels valued. We often talk around the office about having “a Concero kind of day,” which translates to having fun while competing with your coworkers to find roles for great candidates—let’s just say that Justin has had more than a few!

Justin believes in building lasting relationships with his candidates. He goes the extra mile, sometimes offering his personal number for after-hours assistance, striking a balance between professional support and personal care. This approach aligns perfectly with Concero’s commitment to a “people-powered approach,” ensuring that every candidate receives the attention and respect they deserve.


Why Work at Concero?

Justin’s enthusiasm for his recruiting role is palpable. In fact, when asked what our secret superpower is as an organization, he cited our culture of caring. That’s because our culture is about more than just working hard—we aim to make clients and candidates feel understood, a philosophy that resonates strongly with Justin.

The most rewarding aspect of his job is the impact he makes on candidates’ lives. He finds immense satisfaction in placing candidates in their dream roles and cherishes the moments when they express their gratitude. This personal connection and the ability to make a real difference in people’s lives are what drive him to excel in his professional life.

Justin’s story is a testament to the power of a people-first approach in recruitment. His passion for helping others navigate the complexities of job searching, combined with his commitment to personal growth, make him an invaluable asset to Concero.

Does Justin’s story resonate with you? If you’re feeling stuck in your search for work, just know that recruiters like him are out there waiting to make a meaningful connection. Even now, as more and more of our daily processes become automated, there are still people-powered recruiting firms like Concero out there, ready to find great work for good humans.

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