Recruiters on the Record: Maureen Sias

by Concero on March 26, 2024 in Company Culture, Concero



It’s time for another installment of Recruiters on the Record, our opportunity to give props to the hard-working Conceroans who never fail to find great work for good humans. Justin Buchheit had his day in the sun last time around. This month, we’re focusing on Maureen Sias, whose intriguing career trajectory has taken her from post-ups on the basketball court to placements in the staffing industry.

With over two decades in education, including roles as a teacher as well as a basketball coach and recruiter, Maureen has more than honed her ability to recognize and develop potential. Her educational and athletic background laid the foundation for her career in recruitment, where she now applies her skills in identifying talent and building winning teams of a different kind. Maureen’s path to recruitment was ultimately paved by her drive to form meaningful relationships and create a positive impact on people’s lives. She’s learned a thing or two about judging and utilizing talent, and if there’s a more fitting origin story for a recruiter, we have yet to hear it!

Maureen’s Approach to Recruitment: People Are More Than PDFs

Maureen starts her day with strategic team meetings to discuss open roles, selecting her primary focus and diving into candidate searches with precision. She revisits past connections and never fails to tap into resources like LinkedIn and Dice, aiming to fill positions with the perfect fit.

Maureen believes in getting beyond a candidate’s resume. Skills and experience are no doubt important, but the power of personal connection always tells a deeper story than any email attachment can. That’s why Maureen makes it her goal to meet candidates face-to-face to gauge their fit beyond professional qualifications, ensuring alignment with the culture and values of our clients.

Why Work at Concero?

Maureen appreciates our emphasis on personal interactions and the support provided to both employees and candidates (i.e., the good humans we’re always talking about). She values the training and development opportunities that we offer, and she even gives props to the director of recruiting in shaping her skills and approach. There’s no doubt that Maureen aligns with Concero’s mission—to build genuine, lasting relationships and provide meaningful career opportunities—which is why her daily efforts frequently lead to success on the recruitment field.

Maureen’s story shows that behind every great recruiter lies an innate ability to spark human connection. In the classroom and on the court, she’s proven her knack for seeing the best in people. Her journey from the education sector to recruitment shows a unique level of adaptability and dedication that, frankly, we’re lucky to have on our roster. For organizations and candidates looking for a recruitment partner who prioritizes personal fit and professional success, Maureen could very well be your next superstar.

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