Putting the Tech in Texas: IT Jobs in Dallas Are on the Rise

by Concero on February 14, 2024 in Concero, IT, Recruitment



Make no mistake about it: the tech industry stars have aligned over the Lone Star state. If you’re a Dallasite with tech expertise or a seasoned IT pro looking for a change of scenery, it’s a great time to pursue IT jobs in Dallas, Texas.

Tech isn’t the only thing booming. The Dallas-Fort Worth region has created an incredible 600,000 new jobs overall since 2018. The surge can be traced to several factors, including the region’s central location, excellent mass transit, a wide-open real estate market with ideal lease terms, and a diverse talent pool attracted by population growth and good education. Many corporations have relocated to Dallas because of these favorable conditions, including some of Concero’s longtime clients.

But why has there been such an increase in the number of IT jobs in Dallas? And which roles are in demand? In the interest of finding good work for good humans across the country, Concero brings you the lowdown on these questions and more.

What Makes Dallas an IT Epicenter?

Strong Tech Sector Growth

From 2015 to 2020, Dallas witnessed a remarkable increase in tech-sector jobs, adding over 25,000 tech workers, which ranked sixth in the U.S. and highest for an inland city. The Dallas-Fort Worth area’s tech jobs grew at an annual rate of 4.2% from 2015 to 2019, outpacing the national growth rate. This boom in growth got the attention of a diverse group of companies, each of which has benefitted from this vibrant tech ecosystem​​.

Community and Collaboration

The tech community in Dallas is known for its strong sense of pride and collaboration, setting it apart from other metro areas. Companies like Intuit and Salesforce highlight the region’s commitment to fostering a collaborative environment, focusing on innovation, customer obsession, and community engagement. This mindset not only attracts big tech players and startups— it also encourages a culture of sharing innovation practices and giving back to the community​​.

Scores of Tech Talent

Dallas’s ability to attract and develop tech talent is recognized nationally. CBRE’s Scoring Tech Talent report, which ranks North American markets by their capacity to attract tech talent, puts Dallas-Fort Worth at number 13 out of 50 markets in the U.S. and Canada. The report cited numerous reasons for this ranking, including:

  • Sixth-largest tech talent labor pool in the U.S., showing significant growth.
  • Favorable business climate and low cost of living, attracting corporate relocations.
  • Significant millennial population growth, enhancing the tech workforce.
  • High number of tech graduates, with a rate of tech-degree completions that outpaces tech-job growth.
  • Competitive annual operating costs for tech companies, offering quality and value.

The Hottest IT Jobs in Dallas

Now that you understand the reasons behind Dallas’s rebranding as a tech hub, let’s dig into some of the roles that are in highest demand. Concero has been closely monitoring IT jobs in Dallas for a while now, and the following needs appear to be high in the Big D.

ERP Analyst

In Dallas, the demand for ERP Analysts is driven by the city’s diverse corporate landscape, with industries ranging from finance to healthcare seeking to optimize their enterprise resource planning systems. This role is vital for integrating and streamlining business processes, which is key to operational efficiency and competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving market.

Systems Engineer

The growing tech infrastructure in Dallas can’t be supported without Systems Engineers to design and manage complex systems across various sectors. Their expertise in ensuring system reliability and efficiency supports the city’s burgeoning tech ecosystem, from startups to established tech giants, making them indispensable.

Software Engineer

Dallas’s tech boom, underscored by an influx of new companies and the expansion of existing ones, fuels the demand for Software Engineers. These experts are crucial for developing the innovative software solutions that drive business growth, from mobile applications to enterprise software, in Texas’s newly crowned tech hub.

Cloud Data Engineer

With Dallas’s increasing adoption of cloud technologies for scalability and innovation, Cloud Data Engineers are in high demand. They play a critical role in managing and optimizing data architecture in the cloud, enabling businesses to leverage big data analytics for strategic decision-making and to maintain a competitive edge in the digital economy.


Spark a Connection in Dallas

If you’re looking to get hired for any of these IT jobs in Dallas—or to build a competitive roster of tech pros at your business—you need a reputable recruitment firm that understands the area. Since the onset of remote work, Concero has been able to place individuals all across the country, and one of our most active states just happens to be Texas. We make it our business to keep a finger on the pulse of tech hubs around the country, so you can trust our expertise and judgement in finding great opportunities in Dallas.

Concero’s recruitment process was built upon the premise of bolstering relationships with professionals, no matter their location. We’ve been finding great IT work for good humans for 12 years now, and many of our best business relationships have relocated to Dallas—it’s opened doors for us, and we’re willing to bet it can open some doors for you, too.

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