Author: Blair Turley

The CPA Shortage is Growing: Here’s How to Win Qualified Accountants for Your Firm

January 3, 2024 in Finance & Accounting


We don’t often hit the panic button at Concero. But when leading accounting publications claim that the profession is in crisis, we tend to take notice—and take action. Long story short, there’s a CPA shortage because of a notable decrease in individuals pursuing accounting credentials. The decline is driven by several factors, including a hefty […]


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Powering IT Talent: How Concero Supercharged a Workforce Strategy

June 6, 2023 in Case Study, Concero, IT


In today’s competitive business landscape, securing the right IT talent is critical for organizational success. A leading hospitality services provider recognized this challenge and sought a reliable staffing partner capable of effectively addressing their unique IT workforce needs. As we’ll discover, the partnership between the company and Concero would become fruitful, thanks to the hustle […]


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Show What You Know: Best IT Certifications to Keep Your Skills in Demand

May 31, 2023 in Concero, IT


The tech industry—troubled by mass layoffs, inflation, and new regulations—has become the face of economic uncertainty in recent months. The headlines naturally spark feelings of uneasiness around IT job security. And if you’re here, you’re probably seeking new ways to enhance your value and stay competitive in the fluctuating job market. To give you some […]


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How Technology Is Reshaping Accounting Departments in 2023

April 19, 2023 in Concero, Finance & Accounting


The modern accounting landscape isn’t a battle between competitors—it’s a race against time. Organizations that come out on top proactively adopt accounting technology trends as they come into play. And their evolving approach to technology informs their future hiring strategies. Looking for some guidance on relevant innovation? Here are three accounting technologies that can help […]


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5 Soft Skills Tech Workers Need to be Hardwired for Success

April 6, 2023 in IT, Professional Development


When your resume is stacked with technical skills and relevant experiences, landing interviews can be effortless. Your background speaks for itself and tells recruiters you can get the job done. However, when you want to snag an official offer letter and level up your pay, you need to prove you’re more than competent—you’re a well-rounded […]


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4 Reasons Why Contract Beats Direct Hire in the Face of Uncertainty

January 19, 2023 in IT


The current state of our economy is enough to make anyone uneasy. And when you start counting up the reasons why, it’s tough to keep track: a fading pandemic, an ongoing war, and inflation that refuses to play nice. Hardly any industry is safe from economic downturn, but if you work in tech, you may […]


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