Recruiters on the Record: Phoebe Ye

by Concero on April 30, 2024 in Company Culture, Concero




Welcome back to Recruiters on the Record! If you’ve been reading along so far, you’ve probably realized that Concero has no shortage of good humans to help us do great work. Last month’s look at Maureen Sias was no exception. This time around, we wanted to highlight Phoebe Ye, one of our dynamic technical recruiters, whose dynamic career path from retail to recruitment showcases her adaptability and commitment to excellence.

From Retail to Recruitment: Phoebe’s Career Transition

Phoebe’s journey to recruitment was an unconventional one, starting in the retail sector where she honed her customer service and HR skills. However, Phoebe’s ambition and natural aptitude for people management soon caught the eye of a recruitment firm, who recognized her potential and helped facilitate her transition into the world of talent acquisition. Her ascent from a part-time sales associate to a leadership role in retail illustrated her ambition and capability, making her an ideal candidate for the recruitment industry.

Fast-forward to today, and Phoebe is now a proud member of the Concero team, and she brings a unique blend of empathy, strategic thinking, and proactive communication to her role. We appreciate her strong emphasis on transparency, which is a key ingredient in maintaining a supportive work environment that enables efficient collaboration and keeps everyone on the same page. As you’ll see, Phoebe’s approach to recruiting goes far beyond simply filling open positions.

Phoebe’s Recruiting Style: Insight, Integrity, and Inclusion

As a Technical Recruiter at Concero, Phoebe brings a unique blend of empathy, strategic thinking, and proactive communication to her role. Her day starts with a well-planned review of her schedule, ensuring she can fully engage with her tasks and team.

Phoebe has always had the ability to assess the holistic needs of both candidates and our company. Her focus on software engineering roles has allowed her to specialize and excel, utilizing her skills to match the right people with the right opportunities. She continually enhances her knowledge base, taking proactive steps to deepen her understanding of the tech field, which enables her to connect more effectively with candidates and industry trends.

Why Phoebe Loves Working at Concero

Phoebe’s enthusiasm for her role at Concero is palpable. She values our culture of collaboration and mutual support, which she finds essential for personal and professional growth. The open communication and team-oriented environment enable her to thrive and ensure that everyone has the backup they need to succeed. Phoebe particularly appreciates the friendly competition among her colleagues, which drives everyone to perform their best while maintaining strong interpersonal relationships.

Her story is an inspiring look at how a supportive and dynamic work environment can bring out the best in talent. For Phoebe, Concero offered her both a source of income and a platform where she can pursue her passion for recruitment and make a significant impact in the tech industry.

Award-winning cultures like Concero’s run on great people like Phoebe. To learn more about our team and how we make great matches happen, download our Company Culture Playbook today!

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